Borate Treated Wood

Logs and outdoor wood members treated with sodium borate should first be coated with WeatherSeal™ Natural Wood Finish after construction of the building is complete in order to minimize any leaching of the borate salts off the wood surface.

Sodium borate is a water-soluble mineral that migrates to any area in the wood that is wet. If the surface of the wood is wet due to outdoor moisture, portions of the sodium borate will follow that moisture and wash off the wood surface. Both WeatherSeal™ Natural Wood Finish and WeatherSeal are designed to help halt such borate leach. They accomplish this by creating a moisture and weather barrier on the wood surface with a specialized cleaner.

As an added bonus, the WeatherSeal™ Natural Wood Finish and WeatherSeal´┐Ż formulas each contain sodium borate. Consequently, these products will help replenish some of the borate salts that may wash off the surface of the borate treated wood.