How to...

Log and Timber-frame homes require care and maintenance if you want them to last. TOTAL WoodCare carries some quality products to clean, preserve, seal, protect, and beautify your home. The following steps and associated products are a few of our recommendations to successfully complete this process.

Preparation and Cleaning:

If you have an existing stain and wish to start with the bare natural wood, corncob blasting is the recommended method. It works under the same concept as a sandblaster, but it uses crushed corncobs instead of sand.  Corncob blasting is less aggressive to wood and doesn't pit or scar the wood like sandblasting will. 

It is much quicker than chemical methods of stripping , and definitely less toxic. Safe for the environment, and you, it leaves the logs dry so you can immediately continue on with your next step in the maintenance process. You can contact us for assistance in finding a professional contractor who has the equipment and expertise needed to successfully complete this step.

You can also remove stain by either hand sanding or using an orbital sander. This procedure takes much longer than corncob blasting, but is the practical alternative for the do-it-yourselfer who doesn't have the need or resources to strip the finish down to the bare wood. Sanding also provides a good surface for applying the new coat of stain.

If you are getting ready to re-apply a stain, it is also good practice to clean the logs. We recommend Kleenstart to clean the surface effectively. Contact us for assistance.

Pre-stain Seasoning (Optional):

While staining will undoubtedly preserve your logs, some newly constructed homes require an added step before applying that first coat. WeatherSeal Natural Wood Finish is designed to preserve and protect log surfaces against the outdoor elements during the critical "seasoning" or drying stages of a newly constructed log building. You may be able to skip this step and stain immediately if your log home manufacturer has already properly dried your logs. Northeastern Log Homes does NOT require this step.  Contact your manufacturer if you are unsure if your newly constructed home will benefit from this step.


After the above preparation, your home is ready for an exterior stain to preserve, protect, and beautify. We recommend WeatherSeal and Outlast Q8 Log Oil for the staining process. Check out our "All About WeatherSeal" page for more information on the stain application process.

Sealing and Caulking:

To seal checks, cracks, holes, and joints to keep water, dust, and bugs out, we offer Conceal, a durable yet flexible construction caulk, is also available. All of these products have specific strengths depending on your needs. Contact us if you have questions.


For sealing the log joints in chink-style homes, we provide Log Jam to achieve the desired look of mortar. 

Application Supplies:

We carry Albion caulk guns for the caulking, chinking, and sealant cartridges.Also, don't forget the backer rod when filling those large checks and cracks.For applying the stains, a high-quality china bristle brush is the only way to go. Check out our Application Supplies section for all of these products.

Assembly Products:

Check out our line of fasteners and spikes ideal for timber-frame and log home construction.