Classy Corners Blocks

What are Classy Corners blocks?

Classy Corners offer a long awaited alternative to the exhausted use of common bullseye and rosette corner blocks. These corner blocks are often found adorning the top corners of every doorway and window trim.

The Classy Corners corner blocks are superior in quality for many reasons. Here are just a few:

  • select grade hard maple lumber
  • kiln dried to 8% moisture content
  • beautiful 3-D engraved images
  • highest quality control standards
  • image width and thickness tolerances of just 1/16 of an inch

Why do you use hard maple?

We prefer hard maple for several reasons:

  1. Hard maple makes a very tough and durable product.
  2. Hard maple is superior to most hardwoods in that it shows the engraved image much more vividly.
  3. If light stains and/or polyurethanes are used, hard maple will match color tone well with most common casings.

What type of finish should I use?

Light to medium stains, urethanes, and enamels look the best. Dark stains do not perform as well, since they may cause the image to look blurred or washed out. Some of the more highly detailed images are not recommended for enamel finishes. These are noted in the description for each corner block.

Will these corner blocks match the color tone of my existing finish?

Yes, we have experimented with many different colored stains on these corner blocks and matching casings and have found that they will match quite closely to the same color tone. Due to natural variations in wood grains and densities it is not uncommon to experience slight variations in color tone.

How should finish be applied to corner blocks?

We find that a sponge brush works very nicely with stains, and a �� stencil brush works well to apply the urethane and enamels. Use care when applying finish as pooling may occur if applied too heavily in artwork areas. If this problem should occur, simply dab brush repeatedly into areas that are too heavily coated to soak up all excess finish.

How do I install the Classy Corner blocks?

We recommend pre drilling corner blocks approx half way between each corner and artwork. Use galvanized finish nails only. Common finish nails may rust over time leaving ugly unwanted streaks. Do not use power nailers to install these rosettes as splitting may occur. Use appropriate colored wood filler to cover nail heads.

These expressions for your home will provide the perfect solution adding a pleasant warmth and a depth of character to each room of your home, one that you can always appreciate.