All About Weatherseal

All About WeatherSeal

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WeatherSeal is a completely different type of natural wood finish. Unlike regular watery stains, WeatherSeal is thick and rich which allows for a much neater application without the sloppy mess. When you properly mix WeatherSeal, it actually looks like pudding. Yet it dries to a rich, natural wood appearance. Plus, WeatherSeal is totally complete. All the protection is packed in ONE product! No need for buying and applying two separate coatings. And as a performer, WeatherSeal has earned a top rating by thousands of satisfied customers.

  • WeatherSeal Application Guidelines
  • WeatherSeal Maintenance
  • WeatherSeal Caulking and Blisters

Application Guidelines


The log or wood surface should be clean, dry, free of mildew, rot, bark, cambium, mill glaze burnished surfaces, and worn out stain before coating. Do not apply over previous painted or varnished wood surfaces without first removing the old finish coat.TOTAL WoodCare offers ready-to-use products for cleaning and prepping exterior wood surfaces.

MIX THOROUGHLY. For best results use a drill mixer (found at most paint and hardware stores). Hand stirring, especially with 5-gallon pails, is generally NOT adequate. After a creamy smooth, pudding-like texture is achieved, continue mixing for another 5 minutes. Once mixed, WeatherSeal will remain stable for a number of hours. Lightly remix at the first signs of separation.

IF APPLYING 2 COATS, wait until the first coat is dry to touch (about 24 hours at 70°F/21°C) before applying 2nd coat. Slight tackiness of the first coat is alright if the second coat spreads evenly and without difficulty.

MUST ULTIMATELY BE APPLIED BY BRUSH. Brushing will impart better penetration into the wood surface and enhance adhesion to the surface coated. For large stain jobs, use a high quality synthetic bristle brush NOT a natural bristle brush. Because WeatherSeal contains water, the bristles in a natural bristle brush will become waterlogged and lose their ability to properly hold and spread WeatherSeal in a uniform manner.

AVOID APPLYING TOO HEAVY A COAT on the wood surface. Make certain to thoroughly spread out each brush full of stain. Lightly dry brush and smooth even any excess stain left on the wood surface shortly after initial application.

TO AVOID TEMPERATURE BLISTERS, especially with the 2nd coat, do not apply WeatherSeal on a cool surface that will soon be heated by the summer sun. Follow the sun around the building when staining. Stain the north and east sides in the morning after the surface has been warmed, and the south and west sides in the afternoon.

TO PREVENT LAP MARKS coat each section to completion (don't spot in the middle), and maintain a wet edge with the brush. Avoid applying on hot surfaces.

WEATHERSEAL WILL CHANGE COLOR AS IT DRIES. Depending on temperature, allow 2-4 hours and up to 24-hour hours for full color development.

MAY BE SPRAY APPLIED IF IMMEDATELY BRUSHED! Spraying without immediately and thoroughly brushing tends to create unsightly spray marks, lap marks and lighter and darker areas. If WeatherSeal is applied at too heavy a rate it will look painted, can tend to peel and blisters may develop, especially where applied too thick. WeatherSeal can be sprayed with an HVLP sprayer or contractor grade airless sprayer. Airless spray tip sizes of .015 - .017 generally work well.

GET FAMILIAR WITH WEATHERSEAL'S THICK TEXTURE before spray applying/back brushing on a large scale in order to avoid mistakes. There is a natural tendency at first to spray more WeatherSeal onto the wood surface. Should this occur, excess stain should be immediately wiped off and the remaining lesser amount brushed evenly over the wood surface.

COVERAGE will vary according to the substance conditions and application technique. Typical 2-coat coverage on a log home is approximately 200-250 sqft./gal.

DRY TO TOUCH in about 24 hours at 70°F/21°C and moderate humidity. Lower temperatures will slow the drying considerably. Complete hard cure in 14-21 days (70°F/21°C). Note: Wetted surfaces may temporarily turn milky until fully cured.

TO INSURE COLOR UNIFORMITY on the job, intermix a full can of WeatherSeal with a partially used can.

AVOID COLOR CONFUSION! Order a liquid sample of WeatherSeal from TOTAL WoodCare by calling us at 1-800-617-8246 (limit 4 per customer/order). Don't rely on a brochure to make a color choice. It won't be accurate.

 WeatherSeal´┐Ż Don'ts

  • Don't apply on wood surfaces that are damp, dewy or recently wetted.
  • Don't apply in the rain or if rain is expected within 24 hours. Permanent streaks and mottled wash off could occur.
  • Don't apply in cold temperature and on cold surfaces (below 50°F/10°)
  • Don't apply on a cool surface that will soon be heated by the sun. Temperature blisters could occur.
  • Don't apply over hot surfaces. Application difficulties, poor appearance and lack of adhesion may result.
  • Don't apply more than ONE coat over green wood (over 18% moisture content).
  • Don't apply a latex caulk OVER WeatherSeal before testing first for adhesion.